#Shelon a #Memecoin with her own #NFTs

If you are a Woman in Crypto you might love the female memecoin $SHELON supported by @melisaBDC and created by the friendly and down to earth dev @Degenomics

Find out more information on http://www.shelonbsc.com or simply search on Google for shelon nft womenincrypto memecoin.

Recently @MonstersCoins made several posts about the #Shelon #NFTs and the $SHELON community is now supported by investor @Mark_Crypto_off who runs MarkCryptoReviews on Telegram.

Mark Crypto is followed by @Raki_sol, @LowMarketCapGem, @DaCryptoGeneral, @GemsFinderr, @darcydonovan among others so his support of $SHELON is very bullish for the community. Other notable follows of Mark Crypto are @AltGemsAlert1, @cryptoverse857, @mamangaduhai and @CryptoWarchief.

Always DYOR – nothing I say or I write is financial advice.

However for #WomenInCrypto and #WomenInNFTs the #SisterofDoge – $Shelon might be one of those investment you really wished you would have done. The bear market is halfway finished and it’s time to dollar cost average into tokens you believe in.

If you are into memecoins or would like a new NFT then join the Shelonian Friendship Lounge. Things are getting really hot in there. Recently $SHELON pushed almost above 70k. If you have been reading my posts on CT and here you know I was bullish on this token already at 16k, 20k and 26k and even made some explicit claims about this one.

$SHELON has also been called by Crypto Diva, got support early from Darcy Donovan among other women in crypto. If #Shina is the next $Shib then $SHELON is simply the Sister of $DOGE! #Shelon is standing on her own four paws! Arguably she could become the next $ELON though.

The NFT Market Place is now live for $SHELON – the 5% Doge reflections are still giving holders their passive income. The Metaverse and the PlayToEarn elements are not live yet though. If you buy one of the NFT:s you will get airdropped $SHELON tokens and as the price has appreciated the value of buying the #NFTs thus has increased.

If you want to buy the $SHELON #NFTS then go to https://www.shelonbsc.com/nft

If you are a woman in crypto you are more than welcome to pop in and say hi in the Official Lounge of #Shelon in https://t.me/shelonbscofficial

Nowadays #replyguys are trending on Twitter thanks to #PoorQuack chad @XMr_BoogX ( Mr Boog is involved in #TheBullSoc, #DegenApeClub and #SluggishSloths )

Stay #crypto and stay safe. Avoid rugpulls where the liquidity isn’t locked.

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