Why invest in $Shelon

Why invest in $SHELON? Top reasons to invest in Shelon: Good vibrations – and this is the top reason 2. Friendly community3. Bullish chart4. A reasonably active community on Telegram and Twitter. TG It is free from A: ArroganceB: Bitcoin and Ethereum MaxisC: Unnecessary strife An investment in $SHELON should only be done so if […]

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Large Mover Coins

$SHELON – LargeMover Coin People are constantly on the look out for the biggest rise in crypto. They understandingly want large mover coins. Especially they want the next big mover in crypto. Quite a few therefore have adopted the strategy on being early. They are on the look out for the biggest gainers on PancakeSwap […]

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$SHELON at a 26k market cap when similar projects sit at 26M market cap… This could be a life changing entry my friends. Do have a look and see how you feel about getting an entry here. The well known Developer Degenomics just doxxed himself about $SHELON and new call from MonstersCoins I hope you […]

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Memecoins with NFTs

Examining and getting into Memecoins with NFTs Unless a NFT has a utility you do not really need to buy it. However, there are NFT:s you might want to add to your wallet if you are involved in a memecoin or meme token as an extra. At least that is my take on it. However, […]

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The Memecoin $SHELON

$SHELON Reflects 5% $DOGE – growing community this is a bullish Memecoin. Those who are early into $SHELON are of course bullish on this token simply because they know it could easliy 100X, 1000X or even 10000X if it becomes the new trending token. Reasons why $SHELON would be the next memecoin to explode is […]

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$SHELON | A $Doge Reflection Token 5% $DOGE Reflections Tokenomics 5% Doge reflections 🐶🐶🐶 4% Marketing 🦴🦴🦴 5% Liquidity 😊😊😊 🔐🔐🔐LP lock 18 years 🌏🌏🌏Metaverse integration 🎮🎮🎮Indie Game in development 🎆 NFT launch soon 📲 https://t.me/shelonbscofficial 🌎 https://www.shelonbsc.com/ SHELON 0x29cb0D816604c90E59102745951bd4c26b1666F9 DOGE 0xba2ae424d960c26247dd6c32edc70b295c744c43



Will $SHELON become the next $ELON? If you read about the history of cryptocurrency and about women taking on more and more buys and commitment to crypto you will have to be bullish about $SHELON.This is because $SHELON builds on the success of the biggest and 3rd biggest memecoins of all times. The first is […]

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The Crypto Trinity

Catpepe AkwkwardTurtle PoorQuack If you have issues with trusting the official sites then The Crypto Trinity: $CPEPE, $TURTLE and $POOR might be your thing. The big official site only tells you to buy a coin when it has hit hundreds of millions dollars in value if not a billion. Most big sites only tell you […]

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AwkwardTurtleBSC is Awesome

$TURTLE has a powerful community This memecoin could explode… AWKWARD TURTLE 🐢 💰 5% MRI reflections, 🐢 3D NFT’s, 🐢 Rewards dashboard, 💵 Staking , 🐢 Metaverse Integration 🎮 Earn tokens in P2EGame 🔐 2000 months – locked liquidity ☎️ https://t.me/awkwardturtleportal 👩‍💻 https://www.catpepe.com/awkwardturtle 📝 0x7b48dcfd3c3dea4fba1c97463f581a8fc72b2843 📈 https://www.dextools.io/app/bsc/pair-explorer/0xe86903b67646795d50e1a87f08bc31386bccd267

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