The Crypto Trinity

Catpepe AkwkwardTurtle PoorQuack

If you have issues with trusting the official sites then The Crypto Trinity: $CPEPE, $TURTLE and $POOR might be your thing.

The big official site only tells you to buy a coin when it has hit hundreds of millions dollars in value if not a billion. Most big sites only tell you to sell memecoins and are not involved in the community of the meme. This is why these sites always recommend the same coins and always base their choices simply on marketcap or convenience, never on psychological factors.

You have to search awhile to find alternatives to the top three coins and then you will probably get a recommendation to buy Kishu, Akita or Monacoin. However these communities has historically been weak on both LunarCrush and Twitter metrics.

As an active participant on CT I know that Aircoin, Volt Inu as well as Farmerdoge and POODL have more bullish communities. These coins thus have better chances to survive bearish phases and downtrends.

So how do you make sure your Memecoin Portfolio survives not to crater when sell pressure becomes too high?

Memecoins have been covered in India Times, The Bitcoinist, Yahoo Finance, The Balance, Outlook India, Prestige Hong Kong, NDTV and Moneysense so plenty of eyes and media channels are watching the memecoin space.

This tells me the Memecoins are here to stay. You can make it big in memecoins if you catch the right trends.

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