Baby m31


I have listened to an AMA with BabyM31 today and it sounds pretty good on this token. It’s still not on Coinmarketcap and CoinGekko and the people in the chat sounded professional and devoted to their token. BabyM31 was launched by the team behind BabyCake so this token has potential. (In a matter of hours from this blogpost being created the token showed it was yet another rug in the business. And the team did not have any sense of damage control what so ever it appears.)

However, as somebody said in the chat – you really got to believe in the token, have the feeling for the token and the community to go along with it. I did like the voices in the N31 Community and their are good people there, but ultimately the best thing to do is to avoid the whole thing. Scams on BNB Chain / BSC are so common that it has to be the default way you look upon things almost. Always have in mind that the token you are interested in can be a scam even if it is not a Honeypot. The creators of the token can create it simply for a pump and dump.

This is why I always wait and see and only buy a little at the time.

M31 is the number of the Andromeda Galaxy.

Photo by Irina Zorg on

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