Poor Quack 100X gem?

From what I have seen PoorQuack does seem like a totally legit project and I feel confident in writing and posting about it.

You never know what next 100X will be, but I suppose that a token launched during a correction like PoorQuack was could be that sleeping meme-giant that makes it to the top of the barrel.

After some deliberation I have decided to make a bold post about Poor Quack on my main site. I figured that the best time is now and there is never any perfect time. There is no perfect blogpost and waiting for the perfect time, the perfect muse and the perfect situation is the most unperfect and foolish thing you can do.

It is better to try to seize the day and seize the token that has momentum, and Poor Quack seems to have won the heart of several smaller influencers on Twitter so it might just be the next big token to pop once Bitcoin gets on track again.

If we enter a Crypto Winter or a crypto ice-age all bets are off, but Poor Quack seems to be the one opportunity investors have regardless if they missed the rallies in early BTC, early ETH, early ADA, early BNB or the current success in dogcoins like Doge and Shib.

And let’s remember that Quack the first duck-token pulled off a 2337X for the early investors.

If the Duck Era is here like Gate IO proposed, then Ducks will be the winners of 2022 just as dogs were 2021.

Image source: PoorQuack Telegram Group – Link to Telegram on PoorQuacks website Poorquack.com

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