Crypto Microcap 2021

Crypto Microcap Update – not financial advice

The big money in this market for small players are in the smallcap. Artificial Intelligence has shown that Underdog Finance, Hippo Token and Rabbit Finance might be big winners.

Possibly Pancake-Bunny and Emax both can 100X.

AI is also bullish on Gala, Dexe, Hoge and Safemoon.

Underdog Finance in particular is showing crazy potential and crazy numbers: +1455136263.64%

If it could do 1% or less of what the AI is showiong it would still 100X. Obviously the AI that is showing over 1 million X for Underdog is skewed. Still it is a possible supercoin.

Hippo is showing +7547.06 – that is still a 75X crypto.

Pancake-Bunny is showing the potential to do a 33X still.

The prediction of Emax has changed, so this crypto might not be the big winner people anticipate.

Rabbit Finance could still make a 63X – the charts are showing 6356.73 %.

My bonus codes are still valid if you want to do yield farming at Biswap or Autoshark.

Short term things are looking great for Safemoon Inu and Satoshi Stacker recently published a video about Babycake – sending this token up 30% or more after a long sideways journey. Things are not looking so good for Babydoge and BabyBNB – both of these could turn out to be bad investments.

Adex Network could still do a 10X in upcoming years.

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