The moonboys are yet another memecoin that might prove powerful in the long run.

Today having a community like FEG and Safemooon might be just what is required to pump the project to the stars next bullrun – whether next bullrun will come 2025, 2026 or already later this year.

If Crypto-Kirby is right we might have a bloody time ahead for bitcoin and altcoins. Expert Crypto and Forflies are other youtubers that does not sound all together good about the crypto market. With an approaching death cross we might be in for slaughter this summer.

However, coins like HEX are holding upp nicely and memecoins like FEG and Moonboys might also hold up…

For those of you who cannot watch Twitter and Youtube all the time – do not forget BUNNY that went from 465 dollars to 19 dollars, it’s really on sale right now.

You can find BUNNY here:

Several youtubers think that the dip to sub-25 sub 20 dollars is the buying opportunity of a life-time.

If BUNNY will be back over 400 dollars again – it will have done a real 20X. Just remember the warnings of a bitcoin drop to 15.000-20.000. If Bitcoin drops another 50% many altcoins will be slaughetered even if they already have dropped. It would mean that BUNNY goes down under 10 dollar or under 5 dollar. And you might have to wait a long time before it goes up again.

The news from VectorSpace AI (VXV) sounds almost unreal and VXV could certainly be another 20X or 50X coin.

Currently at place 3767 the company has struck a deal with S&P Global. Artificial Intelligence is the future, but we know that the road forward for an AI-company might be difficult nevertheless. Projects like KAT, ACAT and TRIAS still go down a lot when they fall.

Here are some coins that is on my radar…

4577 DeFI Gold

3882 Moonboys

3768 Vectorspace

3507 Combo

2981 100X coin

2958 MobiePay

2831 Safemars

2732 Tenset

2709 Polyastic

2639 Hotcross

1355 Landbox

1070 Kambria

893 Casino Betting Coin

896 Pancake Bunny

I do like the AI / Robotics – project the most, but apart from that the lower the market-cap the better… BUNNY currently has a marketcap of 9,75M and TRIAS has a marketcap of 9,848M. Those two are the most prominent in my list. The marketcap of Moonboys, Vectorspace and DefiGold are so minor that they all could 100X with the right kind of investors and attention.

You find many of the best gems on Probit and MXC

With the right kind of patience, intelligence and capital preservation 20X gems will be yours… Be sure to get in on MXC and Probit those two exchanges will have more opportunties in the future. Load up on stablecoins – the foundation of your future fortunes are created in the Crypto Winter.

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