MBX Bearmarket 2022?

Could Mobie hold on even in a bear market We are on the verge of going into a BTC Bear Market, but likely this bear market might already have started in late November last year and it will then last to about December this year 2022. It does look like a double top scenario for […]

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Decubate – a possible gem to get other gems To make money in crypto you have to find projects early. Decubate is a crypto incubator based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands and you free tokens in new projects just for staking it. You can find it on Bitmart where you possibly already buy your MBX. You […]

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Market update

Market update Early December No good news lately. Bitcoin hade a big dump and almost all crypto followed down with it. That includes Litecoin and MobieCoin. I thought we had something going on with Litecoinfamily and an explosion in the views of CryptoSages videos and positive vibrations from Mobie Community the coin did dump. First […]

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Litecoin / MBX – Pump-ready?

Truth revealed? 13th of September this year there was a major pump and dump in Litecoin.The reason for the spike in price and the immediate retracement back down again was news about Walmart was to accept Litecoin for payments.Mobie Sage did a video on this event the 2nd of October and has now made a […]

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Red Alert I do think that at first look Kasta looks like a serious threat to MBX, but let’s face it:Solana and Avalance did not hurt Fantom and Kadena, the opposite was true.More attention towards Layer 1s like Solana – helped Avax, Fantom, Kadena and E-radix not the other way round. So the focus on […]


MBX and Quack

I have been talking to family and friends about MBX Mobiecoin for weeks and months and they do not want to buy it, but when I happenstance mention Quack – they go in and buy it immediately. This is the power of memecoins. I have seen it first hand. People thinks something is fun and […]

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MBX on Kucoin

Will MBX be listed on Kucoin? Will KCS be listed on the MobieApp? There is a campaing ongoing in social media of getting $MBX Mobiecoin onto Kucoin. It was MobieMobster, that brought it into my attention, but it has been going on for a while. And the new meme that MobieMobster posted is visual enough […]

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Evergrow vs Everrise

Evergrow vs Everrise Evergrow is a popular hyper-deflationary token that gives out rewards in BUSD. It is ranked 2865 on coinmarketcap and on 43.863 watchlists. MBX would reach a price of 0.477 with the marketcap of Evergrow. There is also a token called Everrise with rougly the same marketcap as MBX. Everrise is ranked 2992 […]

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Crypto Gempicks

A few gempicks on my radar. Bridge Mutual BMI (766) and RAMP (440) – courtesy of Lark Davis. I have a few on Hotbit and you might like your own account on Hotbit cause Hotbit has a very good sortiment of cryptos. Gate IO and Hotbit where you really can pick and choose from a […]

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MBX Pizza

Videos with Mobieholders ordering pizza and burgers are now live on Twitter. This is the beginning of the next wave of Mobie Networks / Mobiecoin. Accumulation might stop sooner than we expect. Then Panic-sellers will turn into Panic-buyers. Shout out to all MBX Hodlers, those who sold the bottom will probably regret it. MBX has […]

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