Dogelonmars or POORquack?

I have been chatting in the PoorQuack Telegram again and the people there continues to impress me. One of them knew of Bitcoin already 2011. A few of them were early in Eth, others early in Quant and Waves. I also like the New Zealander Lark Davis who was early in Polygon Matic as well […]

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POORQUACKARMY protecting the vision of a DOMINANT Memecoin, a PoorQuackEcosystem and a #MemeChain Why do people in PoorQuack have an army? This is because in crypto you need defense soldiers to protect yourself from scams, rugpulls and fake influencers.Most people in crypto are used to bad behavior. Not only have most people in crypto experienced […]


POORquack GameStop AMC

The market can pump any coin hard – we saw this in the GameStop saga and in AMC. What is required is a strong community of believers and influencers like Roaring Kitty. There are other influencers like Crypto Pericles that might get $POOR going – the first rally in PoorQuack was probably caused by the […]

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POORQuack goes Optimism

Optimism is a layer2 for Ethereum that means much lower fees for staking and compounding. Generally you pay at least 50 dollars for this, sometimes as much as 100 or even 150 dollars so this Layer2-solution means you pay only 1-2% or less of that. PoorQuack has now launched their first NFT:s with benefits so […]

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PoorQuack AMA in RocketLounge The AMA started off with Rocket introducing Gyro Gearloose, Pluto and PoorQuack7 to the lounge. Gyro got into crypto in 2014, PoorQuack7 has been in crypto since 2012 and Pluto has worked over 5 years with crypto related marketing and sales. They have invested “every aspect” of their lifes in their […]


Chill out with PoorQuack

This blog has never been a viable option for me. I have just used it to get to grip with the crypto market. The crypto market is insanely large though and sooner or later you just have to commit to a community you trust. For me trading is too stressful, I want to invest my […]

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I have a memecoins challenge out on my Twitter for 11 high sentiment memecoins. Memecoiners – what coin is the best right now? $Elon #DogeElon Mars $Marvin #Marvin Inu $Cate #Catecoin #SpookyShiba #Shiburai #Polydoge $Poor / #PoorQuack $Monsta $Pit #Pitbull $Shinja #Shibnobi $Boba #BobaTama After having listened to Gyro GearLoose and Lucky Number 7 PoorQuack […]

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Bunny up 69%

PancakeBunny did seem to bottom, if you went in you should take some money off the table now. It’s hard for coins to pump these days. Do not give up on Crypto just because EU wants to ban the old Bitcoin. Other tokens that might have bottomed are Yukla and PoorQuack. A bit too early […]

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Poorquack AMA

AMA with SpyWolf Official PoorQuack aims to be an ecosystem to make it easier to research crypto projects, avoid scams while allowing people to earn money via defi. At the same time PoorQuack also is launching NFT:s with utility. PoorQuack is fighting scammers and are building across multiple chains. Gyro Gearloose head-dev chatted with Chris […]

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Baby m31

THIS PROJECT FAST SHOWED IT TRUE COLORS – IT WAS A FAST RUG I have listened to an AMA with BabyM31 today and it sounds pretty good on this token. It’s still not on Coinmarketcap and CoinGekko and the people in the chat sounded professional and devoted to their token. BabyM31 was launched by the […]

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