Bought the dip in $SINU

#ShepherdInu NFA looks like a surefire 100X though – ladder in The hungriest dog in bsc is taking over the BSC space! Listed on CMC! • Dev followed by CZ! CZ replied on twitter! • Own crypto casino! • Huge partnerships! • $SINU branded dog food! Dont miss out on your financial freedom!

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$SHELON 250k

$SHELON managed to get up to 250.000 but then came a heavy retracement. Early whales having made a 25X-50X left the token. SHELON V2 Relaunched 💰 4% Lake View Meta reflections ✅ Doxxed Dev ✅ 2D NFT’s , 3D NFT’s soon 💵 Staking coming soon ✅ Metaverse Integration in LakeView Meta ✅ P2E Game in […]

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$SHELON contract migration

SHELON will have reflections in $LVM LakeViewMeta instead of $DOGE Messed from developer Degenomics 💗💕 CONTRACT MIGRATION 💗💕 On the 21st of June, Shelon was born. With humble beginnings, Shelon in its short life has begun to bloom into a wonderful community, full of incredible team members and partners.  Today we have a special community […]

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$Shelon be among the first 200

If you were not among the first in $Shib now you can be among the first in $SHELON. More and more investors are starting to believe they should get in early into the #Shelon memecoin. It could be the next large mover, the next 1000X. Take the $SHELON pill – at least one WomanInCrypto has […]

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Why invest in $Shelon

Why invest in $SHELON? Top reasons to invest in Shelon: Good vibrations – and this is the top reason 2. Friendly community3. Bullish chart4. A reasonably active community on Telegram and Twitter. TG It is free from A: ArroganceB: Bitcoin and Ethereum MaxisC: Unnecessary strife An investment in $SHELON should only be done so if […]

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Large Mover Coins

$SHELON – LargeMover Coin People are constantly on the look out for the biggest rise in crypto. They understandingly want large mover coins. Especially they want the next big mover in crypto. Quite a few therefore have adopted the strategy on being early. They are on the look out for the biggest gainers on PancakeSwap […]

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