Manic Monday Tokens

$POOR PoorQuack The next big Memecoin ✅ $POOR BSC Contract: 0x682cA13182eCA9e5230d8654215037815288B556 ✅ $POOR CRO Contract: 0x1703Dd2d4a1b14D0Bcb87C445f3263179d523b16 🔥 $POOR on #CronosChain! ✅… 🔐 CA 0x1703Dd2d4a1b14D0Bcb87C445f3263179d523b16 🔥 $POOR #CRO 💰 Stake your $POOR CRO tokens

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#ShibarmyStrong is trending on Twitter today. I wanted to give a shoutout to the biggest memecoin winner during the last cycle. Shiba Inu is the coin that have given hope to all the new memecoins out there. Not only top memecoins like Dogelonmars, but a new wave of small memecoins like RichQuack, PoorQuack, Catpepe and […]

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The top influencers for PoorQuack the latest 3 months: AllEliteGemHunter CRYPTO LEE Crypto Pericles CryptoNB PoorQuack Max Crypto Degenomics Memecoin Max Quacks Reflex Finance XMr_BoogX.BNB Crypto Advisor hermes anunnaki Barack Obams Xander B P Herr Nilsson DirtyLittleAlts Overall Global Influencer Ranking for the Top 5: AllEliteGemHunter 1332CRYPTO LEE 159Crypto Pericles 2271CryptoNB 1714PoorQuack 2210 The preferred […]


BEST Meme Coins OF 2022

Best Meme Coins to Buy in 2022 I would have guessed that PoorQuack, CPEPE, Turtle and RichQuack were the best memetokens to buy if I only trusted my Twitterfeed. The answer is not that simple and Google gives some surprising answers based on its algoritms. Of course in this bearish trend you could argue that […]

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Dogelonmars or POORquack?

I have been chatting in the PoorQuack Telegram again and the people there continues to impress me. One of them knew of Bitcoin already 2011. A few of them were early in Eth, others early in Quant and Waves. I also like the New Zealander Lark Davis who was early in Polygon Matic as well […]

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POORQUACKARMY protecting the vision of a DOMINANT Memecoin, a PoorQuackEcosystem and a #MemeChain Why do people in PoorQuack have an army? This is because in crypto you need defense soldiers to protect yourself from scams, rugpulls and fake influencers.Most people in crypto are used to bad behavior. Not only have most people in crypto experienced […]


POORquack GameStop AMC

The market can pump any coin hard – we saw this in the GameStop saga and in AMC. What is required is a strong community of believers and influencers like Roaring Kitty. There are other influencers like Crypto Pericles that might get $POOR going – the first rally in PoorQuack was probably caused by the […]

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