$LUNC keeps burning 🔥

LUNC #LUNACLASSIC #LUNCARMY #LUNCBURN #Binance CZ head of Binance SmartChain is calling out other exchanges to burn $LUNC in AMA. For me personally long term investments in 1000X gems like $CPEPE $SHELON $POOR $SINU and #BobaInu will not interfere with short term pumps in the Goliath LUNC .

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#BobaInu Organic and strong

Buying #BobaInu now will make you a millionaire in 2024 🚀 💲💰 #BobaInu will take advantage of the rise of CZ. The big memecoins next bull run will be on #BNB  and #CRO  Memecoiners are not Eth Maxis that is for sure. $CPEPE and $POOR both failed on Ethereum BNB is simply much better

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