Get $DOGE rewards from $DBINU

Ways to make money with $DBINU Hold and earn reflections 3% $DOGE rewards are paid out to holders every day Participate in our daily big buy contests Almost 5BNB paid out to our big buyers each day. Tokens must be held for 24 hours. Participate in our weekly lottery Tickets are just 0.1 BNB, with […]

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$LUNC keeps burning 🔥

LUNC #LUNACLASSIC #LUNCARMY #LUNCBURN #Binance CZ head of Binance SmartChain is calling out other exchanges to burn $LUNC in AMA. For me personally long term investments in 1000X gems like $CPEPE $SHELON $POOR $SINU and #BobaInu will not interfere with short term pumps in the Goliath LUNC .

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#BobaInu Organic and strong

Buying #BobaInu now will make you a millionaire in 2024 🚀 💲💰 #BobaInu will take advantage of the rise of CZ. The big memecoins next bull run will be on #BNB  and #CRO  Memecoiners are not Eth Maxis that is for sure. $CPEPE and $POOR both failed on Ethereum BNB is simply much better

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