$THC The Hex Cauldron

November 2022 saw The Hex Cauldron launch on the Binance Smart Chain bringing an innovative, new concept and unique burn mechanism. In 3 short months $THC have seen an all time high of just over 70k MC and have sold out 4 NFT collections. Holding 0.5% of the supply provides the investor with a whitelist to buy all degen and long term launches in advance of the rest of the market. 

$THC had the ambition to bring a safe space to the #BSC where investors could buy new degen launches, without the fear of the liquidity being pulled from under them. The Hex Cauldron initially launched through the $Cue Launchpad after selling out their presale which was also held with $Cue.

The Hex Cauldron worked with $Cue to develop a unique contract to be used for all future launches through the Cauldron, which buys back and burns $THC through the tokenomics. A mixture of projects are planned, some short to mid term degen plays and some will be projects with longer term aspirations and utility. Four projects have already been launched which include ‘World of Warlocks’, World Cup themed token ‘Magic Messi Cash’ and a festive token launch ‘Santa’s Sack’ and most recently ‘AirDoge23’, all burning $THC.

One feature of the $THC ecosystem is the ‘Warlock of the Month’ award which is presented to an active member of the community. This award gives the winner a custom Warlock NFT, and the opportunity to launch their own token on the $THC contract. The first Warlock of the Month was awarded to @KubYam who took on the challenge and perfectly launched his own project ‘Mother Of All Bots’. This exciting long term project has its own unique burn mechanism, while also contributing to the buyback and burn of $THC. $MOAB utilises a tokenomic funded trading bot to make profitable trades in the crypto market, these profits will be used to buyback and burn $MOAB when the bot has reached a funding level of 10k. 

The Hex Cauldron has not engaged with Twitter or Telegram influencers to make calls, so far the project is getting shared via the community, which is getting bigger and stronger by the day. Instead of using marketing funds for traditional marketing methods, $THC opt to reward their community through regular competitions, giveaways and deals.

$THC are currently planning to launch a monthly degen play and a long term project through the Warlock Of the Months winner, providing the community with regular opportunities to play in a safe space, and plenty of giveaways. With a big community focus and partnerships with other projects such as $PA, The Hex Cauldron is the opportunity that does not stop providing opportunities.



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