$THC – 1 million holders possible?

Is 1 million holders in the cards for @TheHexCauldron in the 2025 Bullrun?

It’s not always easy to be a warlock in #Crypto. People love their #FUD – whether it is China Fud, #Binance FUD or $LVM FUD. There is always something to FUD. Your main holdings might never be neither @thehexcauldron or their Flagship $MOAB but you could become a supporter of the projects for several reasons anyway. Both are projects that could #100X or 1000X before you know it.

As $MOAB is at the brink of taking off into new heights with many convinced supporters – people might ask themselves why $THC? Recentlly a callgroup entered $MOAB and put this question – why the taxes to $THC?

The answer was eloquently answered by Vizen a supporter of both projects. The reasons are primarliy about teamwork, building community and making sacrifices. For any student of esoteric subjects #TheCauldron is the obvious symbol of #Feminine power. While symbols of #Wicca and #Witchcraft might irritate fanatical christians it is also well known that stories of Magic are hugely popular.
Imagine #HarryPotter fans joining #crypto? They would love to join a project like $THC The Hex Cauldron. They will probably also understand that the symbol of #TheCauldron is a perfect fit as the token works as a launchpad constantly finding new #Degen plays that feed the Cauldron with buybacks and burns.

Could there be explosve growth for $THC down the months or years? I think so. #Wicca is a legal religion in the United States and have seen an explosive growth. The same explosive growth could come to @TheHexCauldron

This article further down here states there are 1 million #Witches or #Wiccans in the United States alone.
Arguably this makes the case for at least 1 million holders of $THC as well – the difference is anyone can hold $THC not only readers of Harry Potter, #pagans or #wiccans.


Are you a fan or JK Rowling or #HarryPotter? Arguably you would need some $THC in your porfolio. @TheHexCauldron just might make you a #millionaire. I would not dare leaving my #TrustWallet without a token like $THC that could be that elusive #moonshot everybody wants to have a piece of.

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