$DMC Degen Sniper update

Here’s a selected update on what is going on with $DMC and the DegenSniper – you will find all the updates and more in the DegenSniper TG Group https://t.me/DegenMillionairesClub

The website for The Degen Sniper the flagship in the $DMC Ecosystem will give investors the edge they need to find the best gems to invest in. There will be a built in chat portal within the sniper suite. Members can discuss strategies and good snipes. You can find 5X 10X 100X 1000X tokens with the Degen Sniper Data and by discussions with fellow members. The Degen Trader Software will do automatic trades for you. You set the stop profits and the stop losses – and you can make it trade based on sniper data.

The total supply is limited to 10 Million. The $DMC Buy Tax is 5% and the sell tax is 10% with 5% sell tax for #NFT Holders. 2%-4% goes to Auto LP to keep the liquidity top notch. If your wallet holds 0,4% of the supply (40.000 tokens) you get free access to the Degen Sniper and the Degen chat.

If you hold an #NFT of the Degen Millionaires you get revenue share from the subscriptions and 50% reduction on sell tax.

#Aluminium prints of the $DMC #NFTs will be available soon.

You will also be given full access to the Sniper if you hold 0,5% of the $CUE or $CCAP supply.

The Degen Millionaires Club #NFTs are listed on #CoinGecko. You can also find Degen Millionaires Club and $DMC on Livecoinwatch and Nomics. A little further down in Google’s rank you can find $DMC on WorldCoinIndex and TheBitTimes.

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