$DMC Degen Millionaires Club

$DMC Degen Millionaires Club

January 2023 has seen the Degen Millionaires Club explode onto the scene with a highly anticipated and unique concept. $DMC is a project with new and exciting tech, incredible artwork and a philosophy rarely seen on the #BSC.

Unlike the majority of new projects, Degen Millionaires Club have opted to develop and release their utility before the project token is launched to prove to investors that they have the tech to fulfill their long term vision. While the $DMC token is not yet live on any DEX, staking is going to be initiated so investors can start increasing their holding prior to launch. Token staking will also have a burn mechanism bringing a deflationary aspect to the project.

The utility developed is a tool to help investors find the latest DEX listings before the masses, with built in scam checks and red flag scans. This provides $DMC holders with the opportunity to not only find the latest launches, but will also give key indicators on the token based on data collected during months of research. During testing the Degen Sniper has found launches such as $BC before the liquidity was added, which could have made investors a potential $70k+ from an initial $30 investment at launch!

Degen Millionaires club opted for a different approach to their initial presale by releasing a collection of 100 unique #NFTs that include a token airdrop. The #NFTs on offer cost between 0.5-2BNB and will give the owner that value in $DMC tokens, and also a reduction in the sell taxes of the token, with plans to apply it to the buy taxes in the future. With only 100 NFTs available, owning one will bring additional benefits to holders through revenue sharing from a subscription based model to use the Degen Sniper. Holders of 1% or more $DMC tokens will get full access to the ecosystem, but others will need to pay a small monthly subscription to access all features which can be paid for through Binance pay and Stripe which open up the project to the masses. 

A sophisticated second daap compatible with Windows computers is in development which will not only use the Degen Sniper, but can automatically make investments on snipes found by the software. 

Degen Millionaires club have created a real #buzz with their well thought out concept and have already attracted an enthusiastic community who are excited to be part of one of the most exciting new projects of 2023.

People interested to join a #NFTCommunity or build a #NFTCollection should certainly take a look at the Degen #Millionaires Club.

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