$MOAB Mother of all Bots


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Mother Of All Bots $MOAB is a new and exciting project launched on the Binance Smart Chain on the 5th January 2023. The project has already started to build a hardcore following of loyal investors who identify the long term potential and unique deflationary burn mechanism. 

A percentage of the buy and sell tokenomics of $MOAB are used to supply a cryptocurrency trading bot that uses the funds to complete trades, and generate a profit revenue. The profit generated will be used to purchase $MOAB tokens, which will then be burned forever which reduces the supply and increases the value of investors holdings.  

Unlike many tokens in the crypto space, $MOAB already had their utility up and running at launch and is already completing successful profitable trades. As time progresses, the profit generated will increase as the trading bot receives more funding from the tokenomics. 

$MOAB was launched through a project called The Hex Cauldron, which in itself is an innovative deflationary project. $THC has its own dedicated ‘degen’ contract used for launching safe plays which burn $THC through the tokenomics. This means that as investors trade $MOAB, not only is it funding the trading bot, it is also buying back and burning $THC. 

A feature of the $THC project is the monthly ‘Warlock Of the Month’ award where one active member of the community can launch their own project. The first Warlock Of the Month award went to @KubYam who came up with the vision of $MOAB and perfectly executed on that vision. With the full backing and support of the $THC team, $MOAB was born with a partnership and supportive community. 

Some investors are looking for a quick pump and turn around on their investment, but some are looking for safe projects to hold for the long term. $MOAB is a long term project that is not interested in using influencers to create a quick increase in price, alternatively opting to build a solid community who support the project and enable it to grow organically.

$MOAB and their partner $THC are both promising prospects for 2023 and beyond, and present investors with a potential wealth generating opportunity. Both projects recognize that utility and community are both integral parts of any successful project, and strive to continue building both to create self sustaining projects that improve the crypto space.

Join the Elite call channel: https://t.me/All_Elite_Memecoins

Join the $MOAB community: https://t.me/motheroabots

Become an OG in $THC https://t.me/TheHexCauldron

Follow: @s93jay

More news upcoming on $PA the new release from @Degenomics2000

Webpage: https://www.motheroabots.app/

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