Mother of all Bots unleashed!!!


🤖 Providing value to the community through crypto trading bots.

📈 Trading $MOAB will provide more value to the trading bots, increasing value of the token over time.

🔥 As the trading bots close profitable deals, earnings will be used to buy back and burn $MOAB.

💥 In partnership with @TheHexCauldron, each trade of $MOAB will help buy back and burn $THC.


⚡️ LP will be Locked for 180 days
⚡️ 100% For presale and liquidity

Total Initial Supply:
10,000,000,000 $MOAB

⚡️ 8% Buy Tax
⚡️ 9% Sell Tax
⚡️ 1/2% Auto LP
⚡️ 5% Bot
⚡️ 2% THC Buyback and Burn


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