Is my latest gem pick they are building a new Facebook / Twitter and their app is in Beta. Their Community is supportive and some of my favorite folks are already in – AllEliteGemhunter will support the project and he made his first call on $TWZR the 16th of November. A person from #ShepherdInu is in as well as a person from team Degenomics.

You can currently buy 1% for less than 200 Busd (1% is Max Wallet)

Still much more utility than most memecoins not only building a new Twitter but a new Youtube and a new Spotify as well – obviously a tall order with tough competition but Twizzler might grab a chunk of the market here.

They have a social2earn platform at



Here is the official description of Twizzler


Twizzler (TWZR) is a mega utility token created on the Binance Smart Chain.

We are offering more utilities than almost any other BSC projects.


We have over 10 working apps and we continue to develop, our goal is to be the next FB for crypto-space with its a Social2earn where you can accumulate points just by sharing, liking and commenting on your friends and followers posts.


🔅 (Music2earn)

🔅 (Watch2earn): where you can accumulate points just by uploading a song, listening, watch videos.

#Twizzler $TWZR

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