FTX TO trigger Another $BTC bloodbath?

After the collapse of #FTX and the token $FTT many people are expecting a big drop in $BTC likely all the way down to the next big support level at 13.5k. From this level it is actually only a 20% drop so it is not really that far fetched.

In this environment big memecoins like $SHIB $ELON and $QUACK might get slaughtered and so will many memecoins.

Two memecoins that have moved better than the market in general are TheHexCauldron $THC and $DBINU. $THC has planned many releases of degen tokens and is a whole ecosystem. $DBINU is a pretty sketchy coin to be honest, but it might still do well in a market like this. I can see #DBINU moving to 100k or 150k.

$AGS and $LVM are other tokens that could react favorably if and when the crypto market finally bounces. No bounce in sight yet. However, Nayib Bukele, Michael Saylor and Crypto Zombie are not giving up. The $BTC maxis are not throwing in the towel even if Saylor was forced to sell some of his Bitcoins.

The well known crypto permabull of #Celsius is gone and $LUNC might be a dead coin just like $FTT – but we never know what surprises that will come. After rain there is sunshine. After a cascade of bad news some good news will follow. The DXY seems to have begun to top out.

If you follow my blog you know my obsession with $SHELON becoming the next $ELON – well it is looking pretty grim for #SHELON despite the awesome reflections in $LVM. Many OG:s in Shelon has left for #Babydoge and #Grove or other greener pastures. However at sub 10k $SHELON would not need much to make another run back to old support levels at 20k and 30k and for their it is already looking better again.

Currently a new coin called #Collie or #CollieInu is looking as strong as #BobaInu on the socials.

If you want more $DOGE then #passiveincome in $DOGE will be yours if you #HODL your #BobaInu and your $DBINU.

#BobaInu is a strong and organic community that refuses to dip despite the $FTT debacle.

$DBINU is a brand new coin that has pumped a lot – if you buy for 1 #BNB or more you are almost guaranteed to win back 1 #BNB if history is any guide.

Other tokens of interest for early investors include #Twizzler $SINU and $CPEPE.

If you want more solid bluechips then $KDA $TRIAS and $XCAD could be worth looking into.

Among the tokens I often see shilled currently I have noticed #DroverInu, #PlugPro and #Aircoin have communities refusing to give up.

#Alcazar went wild a time ago.

I get my early calls on #Memecoins from @DirtyLittleAlt and @s93jay be sure to follow them or DM them to get into their call groups.

Dirty Little Alts CallGroup is https://t.me/dirtylittlealts he called $SHELON $DBINU and $CPEPE early.

All Elite Gem Hunter’s channel is https://t.me/All_Elite_Memecoins he called $THC and $DBINU early.

I also get alpha from a private group of @Hermes_Anunnaki the founder of Codexiom https://t.me/codexiom

I’d be very careful before buying anything in this environment. We might have yet to see the final capitulation. The risk is high at the moment due to a certain Sam Bankman Fried aka #SBF the notorious founder of #FTX

This is why I ignore the big cryptos out there and have some fun with the buy contests in $DBINU

You can join the $DBINU Telegram at https://t.me/dogebuycontestbotinu

#Twizzler $TWZR Telegram is https://t.me/TwizzlerID

And $THC #TheHexCauldron Telegram is https://t.me/TheHexCauldron @TheHexCauldron

Finally Crypto Pericles @MichailDouranos group for Degen plays are https://t.me/TheDegenSociety

$DBINU is the play of the week and of #Crypto November

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