Breaking news Staking for $SHELON $CPEPE

$SHELON and $CPEPE fights on during the bearmarket!

$SHELON and $CPEPE two Australian based memecoins are not calling it quits during the recession. To protect its investors and work it through the bearmarket Developer Degenomics releases stakingpools.

Degenomics well known for his profound meme coin projects and the massive success of King Bezos now is launching his own staking platform.

Dirty Little Alts recently revealed that #slothstaking will be the new staking platform to projects who don’t have the capability to build in-house. Rumors is that the platform might have it’s own native token $SLOTH in the future. However the first pools to launch are $CPEPE and $SHELON. The Sloth staking platform inspired by the Australian sloth will be available to upcoming projects at an accessible price point.

To buy a staking pool for your project you can contact @Degenomics2000 on Twitter.
The original rumor of the $SHELON staking pools came from the cult status Twitter account for nanocap crypto investors: The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou @stevezissoubsc. The brand new staking solution was also hinted at from another crypto account – @BarackObamaGems.

$SHELON BSC had a massive pump when announcing it’s migration to $LVM reflections, but then got heavily jeeted. Now #SHELON is building a new price floor and restructuring its effort getting ready for another run. Things move fast in #crypto and #memecoins. The fast 10X $SHELON did in a short while led to massive profit taking and a jeeted chart. Quite a few lost faith and jumped on to other projects but the team is determined to reclaim new highs.

Cryptos often have a blowoff top only to come back to have another ATH much higher than the last. As $SHELON got is blow-off top in september 2022 it follows other cycles than large cap crypto. Bitcoin $BTC had it’s top in May 2021 as most other cryptos like $AKITA and $DOGE. However $QUACK had its top in november 2021 and $POOR #PoorQuack in January 2021. Microcaps and nanocaps follow different rules and cycles as less money is required to send them to the sky. This is noticeable in the massive bull run going on in #BobaInu lately.

If you are interested in #1000Xgems and #100Xgems and community meme tokens then $SHELON $CPEPE and $SINU are still coins you maybe should take a look at. Other choices include $RORA and #DroverInu.

The most bullish tokens lately have been midcap $QUACK and nanocap #BobaInu – possibly the pump in #RichQuack will be followed by a pump in #PoorQuack and last time $SHELON pumped it was after a big pump in #BobaInu when investors in $BOBA wanted some diversification – for instance some of them might have bought $SHELON for some of their $DOGE reflections or felt motivated by the profits they had made in #BobaInu. Of course it is days like these when #BobaInu gets massive buys you realise the potential the right kind of meme tokens on the #BNB network really – there are profits to be made.

Remember you got to be in it to win it – and the earlier you are going into a new #memetoken the stronger your chances to get high returns on your investment.


$SHELON Gives 💰 4% LakeViewMeta | $LVM rewards
✅ Fully burnt LP
✅ 10% supply is burnt
✅ LP receiver is dead wallet

Have a #millioinaire mindset. Stay #Positive.

Choose $SHELON for #passiveincome in $LVM

Choose #BobaInu for #passiveincome in $DOGE

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