$SHELON contract migration

SHELON will have reflections in $LVM LakeViewMeta instead of $DOGE

Messed from developer Degenomics


On the 21st of June, Shelon was born. With humble beginnings, Shelon in its short life has begun to bloom into a wonderful community, full of incredible team members and partners. 

Today we have a special community announcement that we are very excited about. Today, we will commence plans to complete a contract migration for Shelon.

We have been discussing plans with our main partner, Lakeview Meta, and together have agreed to make LVM the official reflections token for Shelon. With our plans to delve more into their metaverse (Shelon Island, Treasure Hunts and a Shelon P2E game), it only felt right to partner together in this way and offer our holders tokens in their incredible project.


-Sunday 28 Aug, 9.30pm AEST: Holder snapshot taken

-Sunday 28 Aug – Tuesday 30 Aug: Holders to airdrop tokens to the project wallet

-Sunday 28 Aug – Tuesday 30 Aug: Project team to gradually drain LP as tokens are received

-Wednesday 31 Aug: Airdrop new Shelon V2 tokens to all holders (on a 1:1 basis)

-Wednesday 31 Aug: Add liquidity and commence trading 

Project Wallet (tap to copy)


*Important note: a snapshot of all holders has been taken. Any new buys will not be included in the migration. If a holder sells during the migration period, they will also not be eligible to receive V2 tokens.


The Shelon V2 contract will have a 12% buy and sell tax, broken up as follows:

Marketing: 4%

Auto LP: 4%

LVM Reflections: 4%

With this news, an updated roadmap will be released plus AMAs will be scheduled for the week following our migration. 

For now, the best thing you can do is airdrop tokens to the project wallet and keep shilling – our community is growing everyday, thanks to the incredible effort of our community.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

$SHELON – 4% $LVM reflections

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