Why invest in $Shelon

Why invest in $SHELON?

Top reasons to invest in Shelon:

  1. Good vibrations – and this is the top reason
    2. Friendly community
    3. Bullish chart
    4. A reasonably active community on Telegram and Twitter. TG

It is free from

A: Arrogance
B: Bitcoin and Ethereum Maxis
C: Unnecessary strife

An investment in $SHELON should only be done so if you have done your research – I cannot give you any financial advice. There are always high risks in financial instruments due to regulations and volatility. However I am glad to express why I invested in $SHELON…

First of all it is based on Binance Smart Chain and not Ethereum. Today maxis want to control the financial world with Bitcoin and Ethereum, but the vision of CZ the owner of Binance is more inclusive. The fees of Uniswap are very painful to small investors and memecoins of the Ethereum networks are always controlled by whales. This is not true to the same extent when it comes to BNB and Binance Smart Chain.

Secondly the developer of $SHELON Degenomics is well known among microcap investors. He is an Aussie (Australian) experienced from coins like King Bezos, AwkwardTurtleBSC and Catpepe. He is down to earth, honest and never dumps on his investors.

Thirdly the liquidity of $Shelon is locked for 18 years so you can be sure no rugpull will be made.

Apart from that $Shelon is a word-game based on $ELON and as well know Elon Musk is the dominant figure in the crypto world. A few people think he is Satoshi Nakamoti as he is the person behind Paypal. If you look at other meme coin hypes that worked out well Dogelonmars and Dogecoin obviously went pretty well.

So in my humble opinion there is great potential in a token like this that is accessible for a small fee for new investors. Personally I think that Binance Smart Chain has been the better choice ever since 2020. It was very easy to see in the last bullrun that the rewards from tokens on PancakeSwap outperformed Eth-based token. 2020-2021 was when PancakeSwap rose to challenge Uniswap.

Binance Smart Chain is more convenient and cheaper than Ethereum. If we look at tokens like PoorQuack and Catpepe they could not survive on Ethereum but did very well on Binance Smart Chain.

If you want to make an investment that could give healthy rewards personally I prefer to do it on Binance SmartChain. The whale-based Ethereum system of ERC20-tokens is controlled by large investors and institutions. This was the best investment back in 2017, but since then time has moved on. Quite possibly other chains are simply better. That includes the Cronoschain where you can buy the PoorQuack token.

Shelon is not an all out revolutionary token. Not many tokens are even if they claim to be so. The NFT:s and the PlayToEarn features of Shelon are not unique. They don’t have to be unique to be good investments however. We live in a world of pluralism, personal choice and personal freedom. Shelon however is a solid project with great potential for the future. You do not go to buy clothes or food because they change the nature of being clothes or food. The same goes for Shelon – it’s a crypto meme token as simple as that.

If you are a Bitcoin maxi that believes only a few tokens will survive you should avoid $Shelon. However we have seen that the rise of memecoins is real – female memecoins like $Shina has already reached a marketcap of 5 million USD and shows no signs of slowing down. Another Dogecoin reflection token BobaInu based on Billy Markus cat is currently going wild on the charts.

The best reason to invest in any token (besides potential gains) is community trust. As I trust in the community of Shelon it is an easy choice for me to be involved.

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