Large Mover Coins

$SHELON – LargeMover Coin

People are constantly on the look out for the biggest rise in crypto. They understandingly want large mover coins. Especially they want the next big mover in crypto. Quite a few therefore have adopted the strategy on being early. They are on the look out for the biggest gainers on PancakeSwap and join new call groups. A few of the female call groups out there are Crissy Stay Tuned and Loretta Crypto.

However, always looking for the next pump is tiresome. Just searching for the biggest crypto gainers today might not always be sustainable.

Finding a long term project with a bullish community and a respected Developer might be more sustainable.

Coins can not pump all the time. If they 100X fast then they fall down again just as fast. The biggest gainer of your portfolio might be your degen plays. But if you use PancakeSwap as a casino you will lose many times before you win.

In my opinion women in crypto might be better on holding on long term in projects they believe in. Arguably this is the reason BabyDogeCoin seems to be holding up well. Women are believed to make more sound business investments. This might be a myth of course. And as always we are individual investors – not two genders. We are not limited by our gender. Still – women in crypto are still somewhat under the radar – and if you can find a way to attract a portion of them into a meme token or memecoin this could be the road to success.

When finding ways to promote $SHELON I was in contact with several influencers of Twitter including Sarah Swift who was a friendly one in a network with other female Crypto Influencers like Lily Brown, Andreae Johansen, Heidy Valatx, Sofia Zamolo. Sofia Zamolo has an impressive 1.1M followers so you could imagine it giving impact if she tweeted, but there is always a juicy fee for these things. I would like to think that people who know what they are doing would not need an influencers to convince them.

I am still very much of the opinion that strong communities are able to create their own hype without so many influencers. The Shelon Team seem to trust in themselves more than influencers. In part this is a healthy sign. Tokens like Safemoon and Hex seems to have grown organically. $HEX the token grew out of generous airdrops as well as the flamboyant creator Richard Heart. You need a strong developer – you cannot count on community alone. No you need a strong core of believers and at the moment the time slots are still open in $SHELON to get in on the ground floor.

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