Memecoins with NFTs

Examining and getting into Memecoins with NFTs

Unless a NFT has a utility you do not really need to buy it. However, there are NFT:s you might want to add to your wallet if you are involved in a memecoin or meme token as an extra. At least that is my take on it.

However, if a project takes off like Cryptopunks, Weird Whales and Bored Apes Yachtclub there are a lot of money to be made in NFT:s as well.

Personally I think the best strategy is to engage in a community and as it grows on you invest more every month.

One way to start is to join the Shelonian Friendship Lounge – another one if you feel awkward about NFT:s or crypto in general is the AwkwardTurtleBSC chatroom. The chatroom of Shelon is currently on fire so if you want a slow start in NFT:s and crypto I would go for the AwkwardTurtle.

You can read more about The AwkwardTurtle here:

When it comes to other proper investments for beginners in memecoins dog related coins is the way to start.

The ticker of Dogelonmars – once the third big memecoin after Dogecoin and SHIB is $ELON while the ticker of the female version of ELON – Shelon simply is $SHELON.

The introduction to $SHELON is here:

Most shilling channels are very spammy and there are predators everywhere. Crypto Pericles Group of Legends and PoorQuack Telegram are different. In PoorQuack they hunt down the scammers and keep their chat as scamfree and spamfree as humanly possible.

If you join PoorQuack chat you will also be able to talk with people and increase your odds of getting a personal invitation to Crypto Pericles Group of Legends – a private group where you can make real connections..

Stay safe because Crypto is an ugly place where people constantly tries to fool you and scam you. shelon nft womenincrypto memecoin

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