The Memecoin $SHELON

$SHELON Reflects 5% $DOGE – growing community this is a bullish Memecoin.

Those who are early into $SHELON are of course bullish on this token simply because they know it could easliy 100X, 1000X or even 10000X if it becomes the new trending token. Reasons why $SHELON would be the next memecoin to explode is of course a name-game with the famous and infamous Elon Musk as well as the best performing memecoin of all time Shiba Inu. SHELON sounds like a combination of $ELON the Dogelonmars token and $SHIB or Shiba Inu.

Is $SHELON the best memecoin to buy?

At this stage it’s really anyones guess. Most of course are not even aware of this memecoin existing and other’s prefer similar coins – there are many clones of Shiba Inu including SpookyShib. Other similar Dog-inspired coins are Kishu, Husky and possibly Mona or Monacoin.

However there is more depth to the $SHELON memecoin than what first comes to mind. In basic Gematria the word #SHELON equals GODDESS.

That set aside the number one reason people would like $SHELON is that it is a female memecoin in a male dominated world. It is also to generate passive income in Dogecoin for the love of $DOGE. As the Dogecoin community is very vocal on Twitter and social media the idea of $SHELON is simply to capture some of that marketshare. $SHELON hands out 5% reflections in Dogecoin to its holders from all buyins.

Apart from that $SHELON has an agreement with Lakeview Meta, cooperates with Crypto Influencer Crypto Diva. It will release a set of NFT:s and there will also be a Play to Earn Game. The color of the SHELON community is female pink – a color women of all ages seem to love.

The Shelon community call each other Shelonians and their community has a special Friend Ship Lounge – the Shelonian Friendship Lounge it is called.

The current strategy of Shelon is to capture the interest of people investing in Crypto Reflection Tokens and while other target $BUSD, $CAKE and $BNB for their reflection $SHELON targets $DOGE as they know this is the most solid and experienced memecoin community in the cryptospace.

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