Will $SHELON become the next $ELON?

If you read about the history of cryptocurrency and about women taking on more and more buys and commitment to crypto you will have to be bullish about $SHELON.
This is because $SHELON builds on the success of the biggest and 3rd biggest memecoins of all times. The first is of course $DOGE that has the largest and most reliable community there is in crypto memecoins. Twitter is very devoted to $DOGE. The 3rd biggest memecoins in the heavily traded $ELON or #Dogelonmars.

The 17th of July there was a discussion about a vision to make $SHELON a heavily traded coin in the future with reflections in BNB that could be re-invested in other tokens. As a lot of people in $SHELON also are involved in other memecoins – mainly $CPEPE, $TURTLE and $POOR – then some juicy reflections in BNB is of course both tempting and alluring – and sure the developer could arrange a new contract with reflections in BNB instead of $DOGE.
However, after some discussion it appears that people in the group chose to stay with $DOGE for the time being to create a more stable base of long term supporters and holders. Gaining more trading volume might have to change until the token can be traded directly on Binance or another 1st tier Exchange.

So will $SHELON become a heavily traded $ELON, but with reflections instead?
In the short perspective no. We are in a bear-market and people getting into $SHELON are people with vision and patience. People in the #SHELON Group are building networks, finding new channels, expanding their circles and accumulate for future times when the market is more bullish and there is a bigger influx of buyers.

There is no way to sugarcoat this I suppose. We are in a bear market and have to adapt to the cirucmstances of the bear. That means building community, expanding ones circles and getting more onboard the $SHELON community and other darlings of choice like $TURTLE, $CPEPE and $POOR – these are probably the memecoins that will change how the crypto landscape and how the lists on CoinGekko and Coinmarketcap will look in the future. In a few years from now the stories in the big outlets might very well be about #SHELON and people will ask themselves how they could miss such an obvious memecoin – a coin that took inspiration from ALL the top three memecoins if you consider that SH-ELON sounds like a spin of SHE-BA.

Some of the outlets that have covered memecoins before are: India Times, the Bitcoinist, Yahoo Finance, Outlock India, Prestige Hong Kong and Money Sense.
When more people realise that $SHELON could be a great way to build passive income – and quite obviously a great investment this token can get the traction it deserves.

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