BEST Meme Coins OF 2022

Best Meme Coins to Buy in 2022

I would have guessed that PoorQuack, CPEPE, Turtle and RichQuack were the best memetokens to buy if I only trusted my Twitterfeed.

The answer is not that simple and Google gives some surprising answers based on its algoritms.

Of course in this bearish trend you could argue that it would be better to wait with your memecoin purchases.

Today Google Claims that the best memecoins to buy are Monacoin due to fast transaction speed, Dogelon Mars due to huge growth potential, Dogedash because it is P2E, SafeMoon Inu for the rewards, Dogs of Elon because of the NFT:s and Hoge Finance because of the staking.

However this answer is really biased as we know that PoorQuack has greater growth potential than Dogelon Mars, it also has NFT:s like Dogs of Elon and certainly staking like Hoge Finance .

Aratrika Dutta from Analytics Insight lists 10 memecoins set to explode in 2022 and beyond.

However, sometimes I do wonder how much of these articles is real analysis and what is just empty promises and hype.

If you look at the actual arguments in the Analytics Insight article there are not much convincing arguments for all the coins. To the contrary some arguments are really non-arguments.

I do share the bullishness about Floki due to Flokis social engagement and good LunarCrush metrics.

The arguments for GamingDoge and Kishu are really weak. The hardfork of Litecoin MONA (Monacoin) I know very little about.

SAMO is the mascot for SOLANA and this might be enough, but stating that SAFEMOON is set to explode is about as misleading as saying that $ELON (Dogelonmars) has great potential for growth. Memecoins like Shib and Elon might rather be ready to collapse if the bearmarket hits home.

Some of the memecoins listed on Analytics Insight would probably do well in 2023, but they could also be totally replaced by new memecoins like CPEPE, POOR and RichQuack.

Business2community seems to have convinced GOOGLE it is the best sources for Memecoins anywhere.

Apart from the other coins mentioned it does speak well for AKITA Inu and all the other common suspects like Doge, Shib, Elon and so on. However, business2community loses so much credibility when it staktes that Dogelon Mars is a Memecoin for Interplanetary Travel – we all know this is serious bullshit. The site claims that the major narrative of $ELON is dog-themed travels through the galaxy, but this is not really a narrative – it is a fantasy, not something real and it shows that does not care about the real metrics when investing into a coin. A fantasy about interplanetary travel remains a fantasy and is nothing you can base an investment decision from. So the site really dumbs down it’s reader and it dumbs down Google. The real argument for Dogelon Mars has nothing to do with interplanetary travel or silly memes, but instead the majority owners focus on longevity. METHUSELAH FOUNDATION is the key to the continued success of Dogelonmars – do not let people without knowledge or scruples get the better of you.

Most probably the whole article about Best Memecoins to Buy in 2022 has not been written with the investor in mind, but to sell ads and possibly to make people buy Lucky Block. Who ever the author really is – money from ETORO might be the true reason for the article rather than helping investors out. This scammy approach to crypto and investing is sad to see, but we will have to learn to live with it.

At the end of the day money creates money and money is required to get sponsorships from ETORO or any other exchange. The money put into Shiba Predator, MonaCoin, ERC20, Banano, DogeDash, DogeBonk, SafeMoonInu, Dogs Of Elon, Vita Inu and the other coins are what make them stand out – money creates more money.
It is important to see the changes going fast in the market – once upon a time KISHU and FLOKI was big coins. Now the hype around them has fallen away and you find completely other coins on the coinmarketcap memes-chart. You find coins like WOOF, Garlicoin, YUMMY, Dogey-Inu, Shibacax, DogeCash, Pepemon Pepeballs, Dogeswap, Samusky, Tendies and Baguette Token. In an environment like that crowded with memecoins it is understandable that most people avoid the memecoin market all together.

If PoorQuack becomes a dominant memecoin all of this will change and we will have a much more simple and straightforward memecoin situation. We cannot purely think win-win however. It is hard to do so in a situation like this. Because it is much more likely we are in a win-lose situation. Many memecoins will lose, a few will win big, a few more will survive or stand still.

WAGMI is not possible even if it is a “feel-good” state. Winners will win. Losers will lose. Most coins might end up somewhere in between not moving either up nor down. That is the real reality.

In my opinion, not financial advice, there will not be room for all the memecoins, but there will certainly be room for plenty of them. It is not a winner-take-all scenario.

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