Dogelonmars or POORquack?

I have been chatting in the PoorQuack Telegram again and the people there continues to impress me. One of them knew of Bitcoin already 2011. A few of them were early in Eth, others early in Quant and Waves. I also like the New Zealander Lark Davis who was early in Polygon Matic as well as Randal from Crypto Love who was early in Polygon Matic and Helium. Also K-Dub Crypto Zombie was early in Polygon Matic.

Just imagine getting into Matic at a cent and then selling it at 1 dollar. That is one satisfactory investment for real.

I have had a knack of finding gems before they pump as well, but then I do not get out in time. This is true of several of my findings. The one token I did sell in time (at the top) was RichQuack. I did not manage to sell Rabbit Finance in time – but this token 100X:d only to crash all the way down in days if not hours.

Generally I have learnt that you got to get out of a token if it dumps hard. There is then generally more downside to come. However, remember I am not a financial advisor. Always do your own research.

So could PoorQuack be the next Shiba Inu or the next Dogelonmars? Well, it is so much about timing and a few other factors. The difference between a token pump and a slow mover or even death is not that great. We have real utility tokens that pump and dump hard as well. If you look at what happened to crypto this November – December you will see that a plethora of tokens dumped 80, 90 or even 95%. That seems to be the crypto way. That is why you have to take profits and buy whenever a token is low, never deploying all your capital at once.

In my opinion those who say that Dogelonmars or Floki are the best tokens to buy, because they compare them with Doge and Shiba Inu only have done half their research. The truth that in October-November last year the token that outperformed the others was RichQuack. I am much more bullish on Quack (RichQuack) than Dogelonmars, but if RichQuack pumps then PoorQuack will pump even harder.

The key to the next big crypto meme-pump will be ducks – that is my precognition or prophecy so to speak.

All duck-tokens will pump hard – RichQuack, PoorQuack and Scroogecoin. It’s a pity that Gate IO Labs did not invest in Quack. Now RichQuack are left to their Indonesian army. Indonesia is bullish on Quack.

Do yourself a favor and compare the marketcap of Dogelonmars with the Quack tokens. Compare Dogelonmars with both RichQuack and PoorQuack and make your decision. See all the utilities built into POOR Quack.

PoorQuack had staking from day one – does Dogelonmars have staking?

PoorQuack has MemeMarketCap – does Dogelonmars own a utility like this?

PoorQuack has NFT:s with utility. Is this true for Dogelonmars as well?

It is true that Dogelonmars have a few things as well – it is multichain and this includes a SOLANA-contract. This is bullish for $ELON and the token might very well survive. So it is not one or the other – most probably we will have hundreds of surviving memecoins. If you combine 100 memecoins their marketcap might still not even be 10% of Bitcoins. Bitcoiners refuse to admit some obvious facts about memecoins: Their marketcap is a fraction of Bitcoins and therefore hundreds of them can survive.

Dogecoin is the exception – but there could still be 33 memecoins as big as Dogecoins and Bitcoin would still be bigger.

Bitcoin is valued more than 1.354 times Dogelonmars. So there could be a thousand memecoins as big as Dogelonmars and Bitcoin would still dominate.

Every honest researcher will have to admit that Bitcoin Dominance is going down every year.

If you understand that there can be twenty thousand memecoins like CATE-coin just to reach the marketcap of the one Bitcoin it is very difficult not to be bullish on the Memecoin Space.

People today want to ban memecoins and call out their investors for being stupid – but they did the same with Bitcoiners between 2012-2018. They lost agains the bitcoiners and they will lose against the memecoiners.

Memecoins might very well win.

POOR-Quack has understood that memecoins are the future and are positioning themselves to possibly become one of the big players in this industry.



PoorQuack might be 100XCoin, a 1000Xcoin – the next Shib or the next Elon. You never know. So having a small bag of it might (or might not) pay off handsomely.

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