POORquack GameStop AMC

The market can pump any coin hard – we saw this in the GameStop saga and in AMC.

What is required is a strong community of believers and influencers like Roaring Kitty. There are other influencers like Crypto Pericles that might get $POOR going – the first rally in PoorQuack was probably caused by the CoinMarketCap listing and Goonrich on Twitter who calls himself Crypto Messiah. However, there are a few other of prominent influencers that advocate PoorQuack among them are Crypto Advisor. Another who have made a call for PoorQuack is AltcoinMark.

Hyped up pumps like those in Gamestop and AMC are not healthy for the market long term, but there are also good things about these movements as they change the landscape of finance and investment. New movements does challenge the rule of Hedgefunds and traditional finance – hedgefunds that have made people lose so much money.

Barings Bank and Lehman Brothers have shown that we need alternatives to traditional investments. We need bluechip cryptos like Bitcoin and Eth, but also new memecoins with utility like POORQUACK.

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