POORQUACKARMY protecting the vision of a DOMINANT Memecoin, a PoorQuackEcosystem and a #MemeChain

Why do people in PoorQuack have an army? This is because in crypto you need defense soldiers to protect yourself from scams, rugpulls and fake influencers.
Most people in crypto are used to bad behavior. Not only have most people in crypto experienced dumps, they have most likely bought into both soft rugs (where the developers abandon the project because it has no real utility or plan to create utility) or hard rugs where people create an unsellable token (honeypot).

Paying hi-level influencers like Kim Kardashian to promote a token like EMAX is often a strong sell signal. And even if you buy weeks or months after this promotion a token can sitll go down. This is despite EMAX actually having some really good relationships and partnerships. Arguably EMAX was unlucky because people bought in at the absolute top in the 2021 bullrun and that was a recipe for disaster. The token might or might not return depending on the teams intentions, stamina and plans.

When it comes to PoorQuack and its community the hope goes to the upcoming #MEMECHAIN as well as the NFT:s they have released becoming a success.
What is your favorite NFT among PoorQuacks? Mine have to be PoorQuack Green Lantern. I think this comic is underrrated it has serious depth and the soldiers in PoorQuack Army are somewhat similar to Green Lantern as they are defence soldiers.
If you have ideas for Crypto PoorQuack is wellknown to actually listen to their holders. Something not really common in crypto.

Time to join the Army?

PoorQuack Ecosystem NFT:s

2 thoughts on “DEFENDING the MEMECHAIN

  1. I have been apart of the #POORQuackArmy for nearly 4 months and have come to view POORQuack as much more than a community its much like a family, POORQuack’s Telegram is helpful and friendly lots of informative good people to chat with and learn from, which i feel blessed for because i am new to the Crypto life and these folk have made it a joy and i feel privileged to have found POORQuack.

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