PoorQuack AMA in RocketLounge

The AMA started off with Rocket introducing Gyro Gearloose, Pluto and PoorQuack7 to the lounge. Gyro got into crypto in 2014, PoorQuack7 has been in crypto since 2012 and Pluto has worked over 5 years with crypto related marketing and sales. They have invested “every aspect” of their lifes in their project PoorQuack. That is to say – they are working with their whole heart. They genuinely want to help the crypto community across multiple chains.

They work with a long term vision for their token. They are not deluded and into the ecosystem of their token for the long haul.

PoorQuack is an all inclusive platform and ecosystem for crypto investors where you can avoid scams and earn income through DEFI. PoorQuack also have a collection of NFT:s with utility, staking, a token sniffer and a “FomoSniper” – a scanner that helps you get in early in tokens with sound liquidity.

The best features of their ecosystem so far are: the liquidity scanner (the “Fomo Sniper”), the mobile app, the Meme Market Cap and the NFT Market Place .
PoorQuack is building their own swap (DEX) and have been audited by market leader Certik as well as SpyWolf.

As PoorQuack has some simliarities to Disney (like the characters in the comic books and the themparks DisneyWorld and DisneyLand) they are prepared to rebrand if would be necessary. However any kind of lawsuit or copyright issue would of course give massive publicity and exposure and give PoorQuack more benefit than harm. That said their images are handdrawn and not from Disney. They do not use any copyrighted material.

Some of the best things with PoorQuack is also that the devs including Gyro engage with the team every day and prides themselves on their community. Holders are not only buying a token they invest in a team that gives 100% of themselves for their community, their products, their entire Ecosystem.

The flagship product right now is probably the NFT Market Place – best case scenario is that thte Duck Superheroes will become the new BoredApes YachtClub or the 3rd generation of Cryptopunks.

In terms of scarcity of supply both the staking and the bridges depletes token from the supply. Once the staking is finished PoorQuack can turn on reflections in their contract.

PoorQuack has sellable products to be able to get revenue.
These were the main issues in the main AMA – stay tuned for more.

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