Chill out with PoorQuack

This blog has never been a viable option for me. I have just used it to get to grip with the crypto market. The crypto market is insanely large though and sooner or later you just have to commit to a community you trust.

For me trading is too stressful, I want to invest my money in something that has long term potential and value and a project that understands that crypto is crypto. This means that I no longer appreciate tokens that want to “adapt to the regulations of the financinal systems” – sure that is required, but that is now why you are into crypto in the first.

Furthermore I have learn that people have a very narrow span of attention, do not care to do their research, happily gamble on one rugpull after the other and therefore I would not be suprised at all if some of 100X:s collapse all together when sentiment shifts. People move on to other things and cryptos without usecase and or strong communities fall into prolonged bearmarkets and death.

There are a few cryptos out there that certainly could be called “DEATH TRAPS”.

PoorQuack is not one of them. It is a survivor.

Also – I have learnt to keep it short and relevant. That’s why I find this blog more convenient especially for PoorQuack content:

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