I have a memecoins challenge out on my Twitter for 11 high sentiment memecoins.

Memecoiners – what coin is the best right now?

  1. $Elon #DogeElon Mars
  2. $Marvin #Marvin Inu
  3. $Cate #Catecoin
  4. #SpookyShiba
  5. #Shiburai
  6. #Polydoge
  7. $Poor / #PoorQuack
  8. $Monsta
  9. $Pit #Pitbull
  10. $Shinja #Shibnobi
  11. $Boba #BobaTama

After having listened to Gyro GearLoose and Lucky Number 7 PoorQuack on the Spywolf AMA I am ready to believe PoorQuack is the big winner here.

People in PoorQuackArmy would like Gollum’s Gems and Travladd to call out PoorQuack as a winner. As Travladd and Mr Big Whale has not so good reputation on PoorQuacks Influencer ranking this is very unlikely. But it is a subject to change, some say Travladd is becoming better.

As you all now BabyM31 was a big fat rug and the only thing holders got out of this tokenk was an access to Rocket Lounge.

To me it appears that #DogeFam (#Dogearmy) finally is taking some notice of PoorQuack and for sure that is good news – Dogecoin having almost 24.000 times the marketcap of PoorQuack.

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