quack warning

Warning signs for Quackholders

There are several warningsigns for Quack holders – the volume on Pancake Swap appears to be faked, there are too many wallets holding just Quack and nothing else and the team behind RichQuack has been involved in another questionable ducktoken.
Recently the token dumped 20% in another apparent whale sell off.

If you hold Quack you still have a chance to secure some of your capital into other memetokens with possibly a brighter future:

PoorQuack and Scroogecoin are obvious choices, Marvin Inu might be another one.

Do not get trapped with your own emotions and mange your risk.

If you have not diversified your Quack into PoorQuack now is another chance to manage your risk.

In my opinion you should also sell your Bunny and Emax for PoorQuack – this token has a better risk / reward ratio.

But please – I am not a financial advisor just a blogger on the internet. So I can not give financial advice only opinions.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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