Poorquack AMA

AMA with SpyWolf Official

PoorQuack aims to be an ecosystem to make it easier to research crypto projects, avoid scams while allowing people to earn money via defi. At the same time PoorQuack also is launching NFT:s with utility. PoorQuack is fighting scammers and are building across multiple chains.

Gyro Gearloose head-dev chatted with Chris from Spywolf and also said that crypto is hard even for the seasoned veterans so protecting newbies was according to Gyro “paramount.”.

Gyro also told Chris from Spywolf that he wanted to use the teams experience to avoid scams in the crypto space. (This is probably why PoorQuacks first two products was the TokenSniffer and the HoneyPotChecker.)

Gyro also revealed that he bought his first Bitcoin for only 500 dollars and got hooked by the smart contracts of Ethereum in 2017. The team participated as it seems in the Ethereum ICO at 30 cents.

Chris from Spywolf also asked what differentiated PoorQuack from other projects. Gearloose said they wanted to nurture the project from A to Z, help investors to invest safely and that they are doing this Crosschain. PoorQuack will have their own DEX. The vision is to research, invest and create all under one roof: The PoorQuack App.
Why did the team choose the name PoorQuack?

PoorQuack7 – (Lucky Number 7) answers. With PoorQuack you can go from being Poor to being Rich by choosing the right projects and avoiding scams and rugpulls. Owning PoorQuack is a journey where you go from poor to rich without losing funds.
Gyro also said that he thought that the memething wrap up was to make it easier for people to take notice.

Marketing is a real minefield where only reputable outlets bring in real people- things like CoinMarketCap, CoinGekko and Blue Chip Article sites.

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