Yuklaswap a Nanocap Token with 150X potential

The marketcap of Yuklaswap at the time of writing is 69473 dollars.
Which basically means that a minor whale could buy up the entire supply.

Yuklaswap has been edited by Techrate, that is a plus.
It has a list of partnerships: NFT Mall, Corgidoge, Meow, Guitarswap, Lucid Lands, and the adult entertainment token GoneWild.
The game released by the team looks awesome imo, but the community on Telegram has been pretty negative due to the high pricefall since introduction on Autoshark.

The token has been going nothing but down since it was released. If this project does survive then it could does some serious X:s – a 1000X from this state would put it at 69 million dollars in marketcap something not unheard of in play to earn games.

Yuklaswap is a 3D shooter like DIO. DIO / Decimated currently has a marketcap of 11M dollars. And some people think DIO has what it takes to 100X so you do the math.
The games are in the same style, but DIO is valued 164X times higher than Yuklaswap.

These kind of nanocap tokens comes with high risk, high reward – not financial advice.
Currently there are only 297 holders of Yuklaswap.

If you are a gamer you should join https://t.me/YuklaSwap to get a feel for the community behind the game.

However, the risk in this kind of tokens is big, some of them simply collapse into zero or almost zero. This is what happened to DogeVillage when the founder pulled the plug. Basically it is what has happened to several yieldfarms forked from PancakeBunny as well – first Bunny was exploited, then Hunny, Merlin and Autoshark. So there are some trust issues involved.

Autoshark has not been doing great, it has been exploited.

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