Today is the day for the launch on BattleVerse on Decubate – the decentralised incubator listed on PCS and Apeswap.

You will get another chance on buying in if you are not on Decubate yet.

Apart from Decubate I still hold on to my Banana on Apeswap they have plenty of ways to earn tokens – the MYRA farm is well worth a look.

Two other farms with several farms under the radar are Olive Cash and Farmageddon. I got into Infinity 1 on both these farms. Farmageddon is canadian, Olive cash Italian and Decubate dutch. Decubate seems by far to be the most professional one, but the marketcap is also larger.

Bellatrix seems to be the hottest token on Farmageddon and for you who are looking into BNB-reward tokens Olive Cash has a pool for the Daima Token.

Daima has a Quack Trust Score of 73% and is currently not a honeypot, but the liquidity is low and the ownership has been renounced according to the PoorQuack Honeypot checker. Token has not been verified by POOR QUACK.

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