MBX Update

MBX Short term and Long term

I think it is fair to say that MBX has been performing badly during the correction and actually ever since the first top in April May. MBX topped out last year at 5 cents and at the second top at 3 cents. Considering an all time high at 5 cents one dollar is not really a far cry considering that memecoins 20X all of the time.

However, we also have to face that Mobiecoin is a real business with real issues and that the MobieSwap is not live yet. Nor are the highly awaited bridge to Harmony One (which may or may not come to be implemented, I don’t see it in the roadmap any longer.)

At the current level the downside is probably much less and therefore I consider MBX Mobiecoin to be a quite decent pick for normies. If you think long term you only have to buy some MBX each month until you get a nice bag of 1 million MBX and then it stands to reason that you might have 1 million dollars 2025-2026!

Of course MBX could go even higher so well, it’s anybody’s guess, but the app looks very smooth and attractive on the videos and cashback is always nice.
The one thing MBX Mobiecoin does have is a pretty strong community – there are two Telegram groups you can join for inside action, there are regular AMA:s and Mobie also has it’s own channel for education – a landing spot on YouTube where you get all the new information.

I am quite impressed by the Whales sticking to their Mobiecoins and of course these whales are bound to take profits along the way so the road upwards will be a bumpy one. So unless you are a sophisticated trader you maybe just have a portfolio you” set and forget”. I am convinced that the whales also know that they cannot just dump the price, because they will destroy the long term prospects of Mobiecoin if they do that. Sure when the market is strong they can take handsome profits, but dumping all one’s coin is not really responsible investing.

One of the OG:s – David -has recently been critical towards MBX because when BTC finally started pumping MBX went down.

Most Mobie-people on Twitter are still holding their MBX for the longterm I gather even if a few have left and moved on.

But as always, when you focus more on price action than fundamentals you tend to get nervous and impatient.

Just holding a token that does not really move becomes boring and if you – like me – don’t have what it takes to go all in to Mobie Networks, learn all about it and network with the people in it – there is an alternative: Memecoins.

Mobie Networks might have a logo with the color of red, but the coins they are listing on their MobieSwap is very bluechip. I don’t see memetokens like AgentsofShibaInu, Kodi, RichQuack, FEG, PoorQuack coming to the Mobie App any time soon. MobieSage has made videos about Doge and Shiba Inu coming into Mobie’s app. He has also made videos about Natalie Eva Marie making NFT:s together with Mobie Networks, but so far this has not materialised.

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