Has Bunny Bottomed

Pancakebunny is now down 99.88 since it’s ATH.

The same coin you had to pay over 400 dollars for you can now get for less than a dollar.

It does looks like a firesale.

There is however no trust left for this token.

If you compare it to other BSC projects for comparison PancakeBunny could be one of those cigarr-butts Warren Buffet likes to invest in.

The price is so low so either you go bust completely or you are looking for a very nice discount.

Bunny would 185X if it reached the marketcap of Apeswap

Bunny would 453X if it reached the marketcap of Biswap

Bunny would 606 if it reached the marketcap of Beefy Finance.

Sure, PancakeBunny is just a yieldfarmer, but is it really fairly evaluated? Is this low valuation really fair considering the team is still working hard?

The issue with PancakeBunny is that it was exploited.

If you held your Bitcoin on Bitfinex you likely lost all your Bitcoins due to the hack. This is what happens when crypto is unsafe.

So investing in BUNNY is to invest in a lottery ticket, almost. High risk, high reward.

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