Quack Amendment

PoorQuack community are cleaning up the memecoin space. Unfortuneately there are so many scams and honeypot tokens on the Binance Smart Chain. Buying tokens on Pancakeswap is very risky.

A member of PoorQuack community pointed out that Gate IO Labs has *not* invested in the Quack Token. I got the information from the RichQuack website. However getting the right information is not easy in an unregulated space.

Therefore it is difficult to know what information you can trust and what you cannot trust.

From CryptoNews.com I have the following information about the Gate IO involvement in RichQuack.

28,000,000 USDT was raised for Quack on Gate IO

Quacks Telegram Group got 47.000 new members

The volume in Quack was as much as USD 8 Million in 24h volume on Nov 3rd.

Quack is said to cooperate with a company that has more than 60 developers having launched over 250 projects


The listing on Gate IO was what caused the blow off top in Quack it seems to me. The listings on Bitmart and LBank Exchange did not have that effect. The listing on Lbank the 15th of December hasn’t done anything much for Quack.

Another site that claims that Gate IO Labs has invested in RichQuack is Bitcoinist. (14 December 2021)

If this is true or not – I don’t know, but yes, CryptoNews and Bitcoinist do claim that Gate IO Labs invested in Quack Token.

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