POORQUACK to the moon

I have been following the development in PoorQuack closely and there are some big things happening with this token.

If you are a longterm investor you should check out their Roadmap it speaks for itself.

The token was launched around 10th-11th of December so it is not even 2 months old, but it already has a TokenSniffer, a Honeypot Checker, Staking and so much more. (An Audit Finder, a FomoSniper and a BuyBot.)

If you are into NFT:s they have quite some cool ones as well and if you research their big brother token QUACK you should know that this token took over where Shiba Inu finished. RichQuack made a 47X in a month! There is nothing saying that PoorQuack could not do the same or more in the right market conditions.

There are several differences between PoorQuack and RichQuack so how they will perform is different.

The weird thing is that holders of RichQuack that should be delighted to be able to do another 47X fast – does not seem delighted to this. The influencers of RichQuack seems to be blind to this opportunity for some reason. Just like a lot of Dogeholders did not want to enter Shiba Inu – for some reason and possible missed out on 20X, 50X 100X or more just for not wanting to buy into the copy.

History taught us that those who ignored Shiba Inu for Doge missed out on something huge.

I think the same thing will happen to RichQuackers – their token will perform well, it might 10X or 20X or more, but PoorQuack will most probably pump even more than that from where we stand now.

Also if you look at the fundamentals – there are usecases coming for PoorQuack – and they’re coming faster than those in RichQuack.

So there are several reasons to hold both tokens and enjoy the journey if the bull market continues. Putting a couple of hundred dollars into this tokens might pay off really way despite the buy and sell taxes.

Not financial advice, but joining PoorQuacks Telegram to get more information about the token is free of charge!

Remember in crypto by the very nature of things all project are community oriented. There will be network effects.


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