The Duck ERA

Last year Gate IO Labs invested in RichQuack. It is still possible that RichQuack becomes the next big meme – a bit like Doge / Dogecoin and we all know that when a meme really takes off there will be loads of copycats including a few copycats that reaches the same marketcap as the original project.

This does not really destroy the original meme though, in most cases it makes it stronger.

Therefore in my opinion, not financial advice, the rise of Poor the 2nd Duckcoin to hit the Binance Chain is actually only bullish for RichQuack. We can expect more volatility in PoorQuack than RichQuack, but generally speaking the success of one duck-token will only help the other duck-token.

Both RichQuack and PoorQuack can possibly get some help from the Solana version of the Duck Era: Solchicks.

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