Poor Quack

Is Poor Quack the next big meme?

You never know why a meme takes off, but Poor Quack has gotten some attention because it is a memecoin that has turned off reflections and pay out token rewards by staking instead.

Poor Quack also have implemented real utililty by providing safety measures for people buying memetokens. On their webpage PoorQuack have a Token Sniffer, a Honeypot Checker and an Audit finder so you can check if your memecoin is audited.

They also have a “Sniper” you can use to to find rising memecoins for profits. You will have to hold a value of 1,000 dollars of POOR in your wallet to use this Sniper utility called the FomoSniper.

PoorQuack is the alternative to the succesful memecoin RichQuack that Gate IO Labs invested in recently. Gate IO is one of the world’s leading crypto exchanges. Their lab is betting on duck-coins instead of dogecoins. And possible the duck era will take off after the dogera in the memecoin space. One reason people believe this is the diminishing returns of memecoins giants like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu.

If you consider the success of cartoons like Donald Duck and amusementparks like DisneyLand and DisneyWorld you might decide that you think Duckbased memecoins will succeed as well.

There are several references to ducks in popular cultures mainly thanks to Disney. There are videogames like Ducktales and ducks even have their own hockeyteam: Anaheim Mighty Ducks.

As RichQuack has gained over 100.000 holders and is widely popular on Twitter that leads a few people to believe that PoorQuack will be the next success story. As it currently has about 2,000 holders speculators doing the math believe it is a coin with 50X, 100X or even 200X potential, not financial advice.. People in the PoorQuack community are impressed of what the Poor Quack developers have accomplished since the launch December 2021.

Originally the launch was supposed to be at the human rights day 10th of December, the same day as the Nobel Prize ceremonies. There was only a slight delay.

The reasons people believe in PoorQuack is not only the success of RichQuack. It’s also that the project stands out with utility and professionalism compared to similar projects and tokens launched on the Binance Smart Chain.

If you compare to the dog memes of 2021 you see that if $Poor Quack would do what Shiba Inu did it would more than 9000X from where it is at today.

Image source: PoorQuack Telegram Group – Link to Telegram on PoorQuacks website Poorquack.com

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