Decubate – a possible gem to get other gems

To make money in crypto you have to find projects early.

Decubate is a crypto incubator based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands and you free tokens in new projects just for staking it. You can find it on Bitmart where you possibly already buy your MBX. You can also find DCB Decubate on Apeswap the new DEX on Binance Smartchain.

I do like getting free tokens, I got quite a few of HODL finance and sold about 2/3s off them so far. However, as the price of DCB and HODL finance keeps going up I do not sell off more so far. Maybe I will HODL HODL…

Besides Decubate I also have some Lunapad because it has almost crushed and CryptoBanter thinks the Luna-ecosystem will be huge. So far Decubate has Lunapad and MBX.

I have been looking a long time for a crowdfunding platform, and when AI picked up on Decubate starting to run up I did not hesitate. Especially since I could get some free tokens just for staking. When I got DCB it was only available on Apeswap and Pancakeswap. I like the idea to buy projects before they hit the CEX:s. But for those who like to trade at CEX:s you can now buy Decubate at Bitmart. No other CEX:s so far and that is probably good because you can still get in early.

Decubate has some trusted partners: Crosspring, Master Ventures, Waterdrip Capital, Coin98, BSCPad

When you think of it all tokens you can buy early and make money on are startups – and Decubate will take a piece of the 3 trillion global startup economy.

The marketcap when I found it was still tiny, about 2.5 million dollars. It was then ranked 4274 on Coinmarketcap. Now it is sitting at $3,2 million dollars ranked at 4032.

When I first found it Decubate would 40X if it reached the marketcap of MBX. Now after the MBX dip Decubate would only need a 11.33X to reach MBX.

On to the team of Decubate… The one Advisor that stands out for me is Kyle Chassé as he is the CEO of Paid Network and has been around for some time.

The CTO is Jay Maree with over 10 years of Blockchain experience.

Developers are:

Aaron Fitzpatrick

Vipin Rat Desai

Stefan Scerri

Alex Pro

Other people on the team include:

Pierre Cornet

Ben Lambert

Advisors includie

Rodrigo Olmedo, Founder of uGlobally

Roel Mangal, Founder and CEO of AMM DEX,

Kyle Chassé: Master Ventures, PAID Network, House of DAO

Enrico Fantini

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