Market update

Market update Early December

No good news lately.

Bitcoin hade a big dump and almost all crypto followed down with it.

That includes Litecoin and MobieCoin. I thought we had something going on with Litecoinfamily and an explosion in the views of CryptoSages videos and positive vibrations from Mobie Community the coin did dump.

First down to 1 cent, and then below that.

Most people want to hear positive news, but there is not always positive around to go by. So sometimes you just has to use your diamond hands… The HODL meme is there for a reason. Crypto is volatile and sometimes you need your HODL-patience more than ever.

Mobiecoin has held much better than the gaming coin Eternal Cryptomines it has went from 800 dollars a piece to below 25 dollars a piece.

If you only look at price both MBX and Eternal should be pretty good buys at the moment for the long term investor, not financial advice .

It can always get worse. Bitcoin could be ready to a dump below 40k and most cryptos will follow it down.

The lesson after this unexpected dump could be to never go all in, but always have some stablecoins on the side.

Litecoin had reached 200-215 dollars, but is now down to 152 dollars.

Ada is currently at 1.33

However, there are always winners among the nanocap and microcap.

For the moment Elontech, Milky Token, Prince Floki, Christma Floio, Pi INU, KoHo Chain and Forthbox are up over 200% at the time of writing.

Oreao, Fireflam Inu, Sheep Game, AvaPay, TrusterCoin are up over 100%.

Shibelon, Bitcoin, Ariva, GamingDoge, Shiba inu and BNB Hero Token are trending on Coinmarketcap. So is Retromoon, Micropets, The Sandbox, Decentraland, Ethereum, Binance Coin, Greed, Metapets, Olympus, Ryoshi, Metadoge, Solana, Cardano, Cadena. Dogecoin, Verasity, Algorand, Wolverinu, Harmony and Fantom.

I still believe gaming coins could be worth a look, but if Bitcoin dumps again the altcoins could bleed more. So if you already have some stablecoins, you maybe should wait before you get in.

In my opinion the dump in Eternal is the worst I have ever seen, it almost looks like a rugpull. Unless something is really wrong it could bounce hard, but some coins that dump hard never come back.

So for the moment, you maybe should act with caution.

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Do not give up on Litecoin

Do not give up on Mobiecoin MBX

Do not give up on Eternal (Cryptomines)

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