Red Alert

I do think that at first look Kasta looks like a serious threat to MBX, but let’s face it:
Solana and Avalance did not hurt Fantom and Kadena, the opposite was true.
More attention towards Layer 1s like Solana – helped Avax, Fantom, Kadena and E-radix not the other way round.

So the focus on Fintech and crypto adoption in Kasta will actually benefit MBX and Blockbank.

I think it will be more like that a new narrative will be made by the top influencers investing in Kasta and this will make more people will discover Mobie Networks.
Just like Metaverse games like Axis has made it possible for other gaming tokens rally – coins like Gala, Blok, Naka and possibly later on – Onyx.

Also Kasta might have exploded with 75.000 people on the waitlist, but neither the app nor the token is released yet. So Mobie MBX does have a head start.


The heat is on.

So all of you in MobieMovement and all the readers out there who wants to be rich quack. Trust in the higher power, critical thinking, hard work and balance in all things. You are gonna make it.

The universe holds abundance and not just make imagninary problems. The number of crypto tokens are excessive – finally strong communities will prevail.

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