Litecoin / MBX – Pump-ready?

Truth revealed?

13th of September this year there was a major pump and dump in Litecoin.
The reason for the spike in price and the immediate retracement back down again was news about Walmart was to accept Litecoin for payments.
Mobie Sage did a video on this event the 2nd of October and has now made a remake of that video that is up to date with the current situation.
In this current video he writes: ” Mobie Network (MBX) is ready to roll out the full release of their crypto & fiat payments, banking, & trading app…”

A time ago I had an interesting discussion with some mobiefolks including a user called Mobie Batman about what we could do get some momentum for Mobie Networks since the dumps has been pretty hard.

I don’t remember the exact wording of the conversations, but we discussed the coins available in the MobieApp and the major one besides the stablecoins was Chainlink and Litecoin. Chainlink is already pretty strong in the Mobie Community so we kind of thought that maybe the Litecoin community could be case for Mobie.
After all people rather spend their digital silver than their digital gold.

And Litecoin has survived 2 bearmarkets and has an active community on internet.
Well, as it happens Mobie Sage thought it was a decent idea as well, at least decent enough to publish another video on Litecoin.

Roughly at the same time Tom Krown comes out on Altcoin Daily with an insane price prediction on Litecoin.

It does appears that Litecoin is on the move so to speak and some of this Litecoin move could spill over to Mobie Networks and MBX. It would affect MBX pretty much pretty fast if Litecoin holders invested 1%, 5% of their total portfolio into MBX.
And as the Mobie Network app now allows Litecoin holders to shop and pay with Litecoin in an easy manner at POS – it would be only natural if they discovered the Mobie App and bought some MBX as well while they where at it.

Another spin to this thinking is “when it pumps – it pumps”. Any pump seems to have it’s own set of rules.

Litecoin might be ready.
MBX might be ready.
The bullmarket might get its next leg up.

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