MBX and Quack

I have been talking to family and friends about MBX Mobiecoin for weeks and months and they do not want to buy it, but when I happenstance mention Quack – they go in and buy it immediately.

This is the power of memecoins.

I have seen it first hand.

People thinks something is fun and they buy in.

What did everybody I know buy when they started in crypto? Shib of course. always Shib, that is their first investment and then some Cardano, Polkadot, Doge and BNB maybe, but always Shib first.

Because Shib was the new meme.

Well, honestly I believe that Quack could be the next meme.

I do have some regrets, because I had so much Quack that I sold off when nothing happened, but I got back in and got some of them back before the big run.
That doesn’t really matter though, the next bull-run might blow off and Quack might crash or it might become the meme-coin of December and ***THE COIN *** of the Blow off top.

In that case a 100X is for certain. It could 150X as well. Likely the dog-coins would pump at the same time and therefore QUACK could 150X and still not catch neither Shib nor Doge.

The chances of getting Quack into Mobie Networks is pretty slim in such a short time. I don’t think it will happen.

However, both coins could pump hard without any cooperation as well.

In the Mobiecase the actual technology, the bridge between Binance and Stellar Lumens as well as a hyped up campaign with Eva Marie from team wrestling – those are components that could cause MBX to 10X, 20X or even 50X.

Quack could hit all those numbers and more, but nothing is for sure and nothing is a guarantee.

Just to check the prices of Mobie Networks in these scenarios:

10X about 0.14
20X about 0.28
50X about 70 cents.

Just remember that to reach a blow off top like 70 cents would also mean a collapse shortly afterwards. I don’t think there will be a stable level that high in such a short time.

A more reasonable approach (and a bearish one) is that the price of MBX reaches the last ATH and when it comes to Quack it could also stop around it’s last ATH:

There is no guarantee that the bull-market even continues.

I might be wrong about MBX. I might be wrong about Quack.

I do think these coins with some luck and the will of the divine can give you anything from decent to amazing returns. If you have too outlandish and moonish targets you set yourself up for disappointment.

The more you read about $NAKA and $UOS the hotter these two coins seem and I kind of wonder if both of them could be safer and better picks than even $QUACK and $MBX.

The more I analyse the more paralysed I get.

When it comes to $MBX it is a solid business and when it comes to $QUACK it has already made me money. So what will come may come in both of these cases.

Take care out there and enjoy every 5X, 10X, 20X or even 50X you might get in crypto. Use the profits wisely. Don’t forget that there are probably mighty forces – angels and divine beings in charge of what really happens with you and your portfolio. Higher beings help us I don’t think humanity would come very far without our divine guardians.

Edgar Cayce wrote about “The Law of the One” as the divine force behind the good people on Atlantis. I sometimes gather strength from this myth of supreme power in our past. “The Law of the One” might ultimately be what guides you and guards you in this life.

Photo by Magda Ehlers on Pexels.com

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