MBX on Kucoin

Will MBX be listed on Kucoin?

Will KCS be listed on the MobieApp?

There is a campaing ongoing in social media of getting $MBX Mobiecoin onto Kucoin. It was MobieMobster, that brought it into my attention, but it has been going on for a while. And the new meme that MobieMobster posted is visual enough to get some attention for Mobie Networks from Kucoin-fanbois.

I would like to express some concerns about this campaign.

Sometimes coins dump short after coming to a big CEX, but I do like the vision of Mobiecoin being part of Kucoin, because KCS is a token that eventually might become as big as BNB.

Ever since the beginning of this year more and more influencers are looking at KCS. Crypto Bitcoin Chris is revealing new Kucoin gempicks daily. CryptoLove the mentor of CryptoLifer is using Ian Balinas Tokenmetrics to find hot Kucoin picks. The big show CryptoBanter with Sheldon and ManRan is charting KCS sometimes and so is CryptoLifer.

KCS has a big support from the community and the listed tokens here are very profitable. So the idea of a cooperation between Kucoin and MBX is not a bad one.

At the current time this is a bit of hopium, but new wishes and desires of greatness are part of what makes up the Mobie Community. New ideas is a part of the new network ecoomy and the whales of MBX might in the future be the ones you need to influence the direction of Mobie Networks. You need to stake your MBX to get a tier to give suggestions.

A few gempicks:


The absolute top banger for those who have the stomach for it: $QGLD – Quack Gold. The website is not impressive, but the marketcap is extremely tiny. This coin is a 2nd chance to get in on something like RichQuack super-early.


And about getting in early – quite a few thinks that $KCS will be the next $BNB, and yes it might be, just as $MBX might be the next $CRO or the next $FTX.

Do not put all your eggs in one basket, but diversify. Have some bluechips in your portfolio, trade with some capital and hold a few ultra-low-cap bets as well.

For the moment the MBX community is feeling the pain from a whaledump – somebody sold a big bag of Mobiecoin for Kitty on Uniswap. MBX is slowly recovering from the dump and back to 0.0144 when writing. However, the whaledump has not stopped the community from moving forward.

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