MBX Update

A buy the rumor, sell the news event did take place for Mobie Networks.

From the top at 0.036 it went down to 0.018 and is now sitting at 0.0156.

However, the HODL:ers are still in the coin and quite a few trader’s are most probably buying back in at lower prices.

The Mobie Community is working behind the scenes. The correction in $MBX is probably due to whales selling and the pullback does remind me of the BTC-crash in May.

These kinds of pullbacks are to be expected and in lowcap the corrections are nastier, but the bounce-back also comes quicker.

Fundamentally we just have to be like turtles and have some patience as 6.000 app-users are getting used to the Mobie Networks app.

Worth noting is that the journey up to 0.036 was related to several outlets releasing news about Mobie Networks – including The London Economic, Crypto Daily, Zone Crypto, Benzinga, Hackernoon, News BTC and Tech Bullion.

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