Mobie Rumors

As gaming crypto based on Metaverses like BLOK and NAKA are exploding rumors on Twitter is posting images of Brandon Burgasson with the founder of Binance. One post claims that Mobie will come to Kraken Exchange.

There seems to be a delay to the launch of the app for Android systems.

The release days seems scheduled (or rescheduled) to 3rd of November.

The Mobie Community would like to see MBX on more central exchanges (CEX:s) even if this is not a make or break thing for Mobie.

In new videos there is evidence that besides US Dollar and Tether the Mobie-app will also have Euro. This is really important as Mobie has a lot of fans in Europe. Also a release to the European market would of course let Mobie take part of the juicy BNP in the European Union.

The GDP of the European Union in 2020 around 13.3 trillion euros…

Name one American company abouit to make great success in Europe? Could be Mobie Networks.

Let’s put some hopium into a MBX listing on european CEX Bittrex as well.

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